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Bear Hunt Details

Our hunt provides an almost unheard of bear guarantee! This means we are not only committed to providing you with a quality bear hunt but are willing to go above and beyond in offering each hunter a sliding scale in pricing when it comes to tagging a bear!

We offer two weeks of bear hunting (one week in the spring and one week in the fall which is the 1st part of June and last part of August). In preparation of these two weeks, we dedicate our time in providing our bear hunters with the best quality stand possible through baiting and using game cameras to assist us in the process. We offer ground and tree stand options according to your choice of bow or firearm.

Cost of bear hunt is $1700 + tax U.S. per person - rate is based on a 300+ lb bear. Prices are discounted for smaller or tags are unfilled. OUR PRICES ARE BASED ON YOUR SUCCESS!

Included in the Hunt · One of the best guarantees in all of Ontario
· Active Baits
· BMA Orientation
· Cooler or freezer storage
· Assist in tracking and skinning of bear
· Assist in obtaining licenses, export permits, and firearms forms for hunt

Not Included in the Fee & Package:
· Export Fee
· Non-Resident Bear Hunting License
· Taxes
· Firearms Declaration Form (see below)
· Cabin (Please refer to rates chart for cabins and packages)
· Boat, motor & gas
· Sport Fishing License or Conservation Fishing License

What to bring: · Warm Clothes
· Hunter Orange hat and vest (camo orange is not acceptable in Ontario)
· Any camo pattern clothing, face paint or camo game face gear, head net,
· Previous hunting license Canadian or American
· Soft gun sock or weapon case
· Scentlock suit/Scent Killer (being scent free is very important!)
· Rain Gear
· Extra Footware
· Gloves
· Flash lights & Batteries
· Binoculars
· Coolers for the meat
· Large Ziploc bags for packaging meat
· Heavy duty trash bags for bear quarters and hide
· Hunting knife/sharpener
· Food & Drink.

Canadian Firearms Declaration Form:
You can download the form for free at
Download CAFC 909 (PDF 323 KB) or contact Sondra for forms.

Please Note: Do not sign your declaration form until the customs agent asks you to.

Buy hunting license & Outdoor Card:

Ontario Hunting Regulations:

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