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Moose Hunt Details Rifle cow hunt: This 10 day rifle cow hunt is for 3 - 4 people for mid October and includes the outpost cabin. Price is $1950 + tax for the group of at least 3 - 4 people. If there are more than 4 people in your group, call for pricing. Deposit is $500.

Moose Hunting Dates:
· Mid October
· 10 day hunt

Not Included:
· Hunting license
· Export Fee
· Firearms Declaration Form - $25 CAN - (Phone: 1-800-731-4000)
· Taxes
· Food & Drink (Housekeeping Accommodations)
· Ground Transportation
· Boat, motor & gas

What To Bring:
· Warm Clothes (Never know what the temperature will be)
· Ontario Outdoors Card
· Hunter Orange hat and vest (camo orange is not acceptable in Ontario)
· Previous hunting license CN or US
· Bow & bowcase (legal requirement)
· Bug jacket and repellent
· Rain Gear
· Extra Footware/Gloves
· Flash light & extra batteries
· Binoculars
· Coolers & Freezer Bags for meat
· Hunting knife/sharpener
· Fishing rod and tackle
· Food & Drink

Moose Hunting Notes:
· Bow hunters must use a bow with a 50-lbs. pull or better. 60-lbs. pull or better is recommended.
· When taking a shot, Bow hunters should be 20 yards or closer.
· By law, all weapons must be stored in a transportation case within 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 hour before sunrise
· Hunter orange must be worn at all times while hunting or transporting to-and-from the WMU.
· Hunters need to bring their old hunting license and proper personal identification.

  • Canadian Firearms Declaration Form:
    You can download the form for free at Download CAFC 909 (PDF 323 KB) or contact Sondra for forms.

    Please Note: Do not sign your declaration form until the customs agent asks you to.

  • Buy hunting license & Outdoor Card:

  • Ontario Hunting Regulations:

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