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Moose Hunting

Ontario is world famous for Moose hunting. The hundreds of thousands of square miles of wilderness north of the Great Lakes is perfect Moose habitat. The land has a diverse structure with thousands of lakes and streams with plenty of swamps and marshes containing aquatic plants the Moose love to eat. Northern Ontario also has burn areas and logged areas where new growth of grasses and softwood trees produce an abundance of highly nutritious food. As a result the population of Moose is high.

Northern Ontario is also the most popular region for hunters because of the ease of access to prime Moose hunting areas. There are thousands of miles of old abandoned logging roads, ATV trails, snowmobile trails and ancient animal game trails where hunters can explore many miles of deep bush and have lots of opportunity to take a Moose. Prairie Bee Lake itself has many game trails where Moose come down to the water to drink every day. Checking out these paths along the shore for fresh scat is very effective in scouting Moose. In the fall the Bull Moose tend to drop their scat in three locations forming a scent triangle, which marks their territory and attracts cows. Scouting out these areas and setting up in a position to take a good shot will maximize your success.

We have a 10 day cow hunt available for WMU 32.

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